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Telestack and Cooper Specialised Handling Ireland Blog Stories Archives | Category

In 2021, Cooper Specialised Handling, the leading independently owned Port Equipment supply business across the UK and Ireland, announced a partnership with Telestack.

The partnership and agent agreement with Telestack has seen Cooper Specialised Handling Ireland represent the interests of Telestack across Great Britain for both the Port and Inland Terminals and Scrap Industry.

Cooper Specialised Handling Ireland has added the Telestack product line to an already impressive portfolio of equipment which includes Forklifts, Laden and Empty Container Handlers, Reachstackers, Container Movers, Translifters, Log Stackers, Material Handlers and Hydraulic Cranes. The intention is for the Telestack range to complement a complete handling supply portfolio.

Telestack have been an established business for over 30 years in the Material Handling industry from their base in Omagh, Northern Ireland.

Telestack specialises in the complete design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of Mobile Dry Bulk Material Handling Conveyor Systems. They have a global proven record in a range of applications including Ports and Inland Terminals, Quarrying and Mining industries, Stockyard Management, Power Stations, Rail Yards and many other industries.

Throughout our partnership with Telestack, we will document positive news stories and case studies within our Blog. All Telestack and Cooper Specialised Handling Ireland partnership Blogs are featured below. If you’re interested in a Telestack product for your application, please contact us on 01926 658 900 or