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Heavy Duty Lifting Equipment for Heavy Loads

Svetruck Heavy Duty Fork Lifts

The Heavy Duty Svetruck brand’s Big Fork Lifts prioritise creating a comfortable and safe workplace, ensuring a productive day for truck drivers! Specifically designed for heavy-duty applications, these Fork Lifts excel in environments such as sawmills, factories, ports, terminals, steelworks, and other heavy lifting industries.

Featuring smooth control over all functions, Svetruck Heavy Duty Fork Lifts boast a well-designed, durable, and reliable structure. Furthermore, drivers benefit from an optimized view of the work area while operating these capable machines, enabling them to efficiently handle demanding tasks.

Each Svetruck is designed to accommodate the specific working conditions it will encounter. The primary objective is to strike a harmonious balance between man, technology, and machine, serving as the cornerstone for achieving optimal performance.

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About Svetruck

Since 1977, Svetruck has been supplying Heavy Duty Fork Lifts worldwide. They have seamlessly integrated genuine quality machines with modern, cutting-edge technology, establishing themselves as one of the leading Fork Lift manufacturers today. Their dedication to crafting genuine quality machines goes back to the founders’ development of their first Fork Lifts in the 1960s. Consequently, they prioritise building machines to the highest standards rather than the lowest price, maintaining an unwavering focus on quality.

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High-Quality and Dependable Large Fork Lifts

Drawing upon over 40 years of experience, Svetruck specialises in designing, manufacturing, and delivering well-designed, durable, and reliable Fork Lifts. They offer efficient solutions for Heavy Duty Load Handling, confidently catering to the market’s needs. With a focus on high-quality components and genuine design, Svetruck creates machines tailored to meet your specific requirements. Their extensive experience ensures robust and reliable solutions for all your heavy-duty handling needs.

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Tailored to Meet Your Requirements

Svetruck custom-builds each Fork Lift to match its operating conditions, guaranteeing optimal functionality. Operators benefit from smooth control over all functions and excellent visibility of the working area, enhancing safety and efficiency. As a result, these Fork Lifts excel at performing demanding tasks while ensuring a comfortable and secure working environment for operators.

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More About Svetruck

Svetruck’s core operations from Ljungby, Sweden, serve as the hub for Design, Construction, Manufacturing, and the Head Office. In addition to their Swedish base, they have established subsidiaries in Germany, Belgium, and the USA, providing reach worldwide through a comprehensive dealer network.

Blue Tick Icon   Delivered over 6,000 Heavy Duty Fork Lifts in over 70 countries.

Blue Tick Icon   55,000 original spare parts at their main warehouse in Ljungby, Sweden.

Unrivaled Visibility

Svetruck offers secure handling through unobstructed visibility, a principle they pioneered in the 1970s with the invention of the clear sight mast, which has since become an industry standard.

Additionally, all masts are produced in-house and undergo thorough testing before installation. Svetruck focuses on creating well-sized mast profiles and sturdy masts to ensure exceptional torsional and bending stiffness. Moreover, the internal mast is equipped with hardened running and support rollers, featuring significant dimensions and extensive wheelbases for enhanced durability and performance.

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Our Heavy-Duty Fork Lifts

We stock a vast range of Heavy Duty lifting products suitable for all sectors and commodities. No matter what you’re lifting, carrying, charging, or discharging, we’ve got you covered! If you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, try our product selector or contact our expert product advisors.

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