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SANY Range Reach Stackers

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Experience the versatility of Reach Stackers, enabling swift loading and stacking of containers and heavy goods! Our Reach Stackers are indispensable for the day-to-day operations of any port. Not only are they cost-effective and user-friendly, but they also prioritise comfort and environmental sustainability.

Moreover, we offer a standard warranty of 5 years/10,000 hours for structural components and 2 years/4,000 hours for all other parts! This warranty is available on all Reach Stacker models within our SANY range.

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About SANY Reach Stackers

To begin with, SANY Europe operates under the umbrella of the SANY Group, a globally renowned manufacturer of construction machinery, mobile harbor machinery, and harbor cranes. With a worldwide presence, each model is meticulously tailored for the European market. Overall, SANY Europe stands out for its efficient and dependable performance, as well as its emphasis on safe, straightforward, and comfortable operation.

Machine Quality

Secondly, SANY maintains direct control over a crucial aspect of machine quality—the paint job! With a significant investment of 16 million euros into a specialised paint facility in Bedburg, Germany, SANY applies paint in four layers, achieving a finish of 300 microns. This not only ensures corrosion resistance that meets ISO standards but also represents a level of quality arguably three times thicker than the standard finish produced by SANY’s competitors.

Dependable, Secure, and Eco-Friendly

Thirdly, the machines facilitate rapid and adaptable loading and stacking of containers and other heavy goods weighing up to 45 tonnes. They provide the perfect balance of cost-efficiency, user comfort, and environmentally friendly operation. Exceptionally durable and supported by customer-focused service, these machines are robust and industrious, delivering reliable performance day after day.

H9 Hybrid Reach Stackers

The innovative SANY H9 boasts two additional cylinders strategically positioned behind the driver’s eye and mounted lower down the boom. As the machine descends, it charges nitrogen-filled accumulators with the combined weight of the load, spreader, and boom.

Furthermore, these cylinders store the energy generated during the descent. When the operator selects lift-mode, these same cylinders reverse and release the stored energy, providing extra lifting power to complement the standard lift cylinders.

   Save up to 14,000 litres of fuel per year if working 2,000 operating hours.

   Equivalent to 70kw of engine power and will save as much as 35% in fuel.

   Lastly, greater oil flow which enhances lift speeds and productivity by up to 2 additional containers per hour.

Quality Changes the World

SANY leads the way in innovation with the introduction of the new jack leg system designed for intermodal handling on rail-connected terminals. An exemplary implementation of this technology can be seen at the ABP Hams Hall Intermodal Terminal.

Considering the potential to boost loading rates by two additional containers per hour, the choice of SANY becomes a clear one.

   Undoubtedly the fastest deployment and retraction of the drop legs on the market to date.

   Increases productivity by 2 additional container movements per hour.

   Up to 6,000 extra box movements per year.

Our Reach Stackers

Finally, we stock a vast range of heavy duty lifting products suitable for all sectors and commodities. Overall, no matter what you’re lifting, carrying, charging, or discharging, we’ve got you covered! Try our product selector or contact our expert product advisors today!

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