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Comprehensive Range of Container Lifters, Spreaders, Frames, and Lifting Beams

TEC Container Handling Solutions

We provide a comprehensive range of Container Lifters, Spreaders, Frames, and Lifting Beams tailored to meet the needs of port operators and crane manufacturers.

Furthermore, our offerings extend to container terminals, bulk ports, bulk cargo vessels, waste-to-energy incineration plants, scrap metal yards, steel mills, marine dredging companies, and mining businesses, ensuring a versatile solution for various industries.

Finally, our product range covers the wide variety of TEC Container Handling Solutions.

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About TEC Container Lifters

Established in 1976, TEC Container Solutions has proudly served over 70 ports across 82 countries worldwide since its inception. We have also supplied over 1,500 Spreaders to customers spanning across more than 40 different countries.

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Customised Solutions

Secondly, we understand that each terminal has unique requirements. We go beyond merely selling products, by identifying solutions to operational challenges and enhancing efficiency tailored to your needs. With our diverse range of Container Lifters, Over Height Frames, and Spreader Models, we cater to the needs of various terminal operators. Additionally, our team at Cooper Specialist Handling Ireland is dedicated to developing bespoke solutions to provide the most effective and practical Container Handling Solution for your operations.

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About RAM Spreaders

Thirdly, with over a century of experience, RAM-SMAG boasts the world’s most extensive array of Container Lifters and Spreaders. As a premier lifting technologies supplier, RAM Spreaders delivers Container Handling Solutions to ports and terminals globally. Through strategic market penetration and innovative product development, RAM Spreaders has earned a reputable brand name in the Container Handling industry, serving as a trusted partner for ports and terminals worldwide.

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RAM Revolver

The RAM Revolver presents a swift and adaptable solution for bulk material handling, compatible with various crane types such as MHC, Ship, STS, Bridge Crane, and Reach Stacker.

A notable advantage of the Revolver lies in its rapid deployment and cost efficiency. Recognised for its environmental merits, it enables bulk materials to be containerised, facilitating standard container terminals to efficiently handle bulk cargo.

Crafted from top-tier steel and components akin to conventional RAM Spreaders, the Revolver ensures durability and reliability, even in challenging container and bulk terminal settings.

High Performance Fixed Spreader

The TEC BA-350(20)E & BA-350(40) are state-of-the-art automatic spreaders tailored for container handling. Equipped with indicator lights illuminating twist lock positions, these models offer versatility with options for floating twist locks and a low battery indicator. Designed to efficiently manage single 20′ or 40′ containers, they come with a range of customisable features to suit diverse operational requirements.

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Our Container Lifters, Spreaders, Frames, and Lifting Beams

Finally, we stock a vast range of heavy duty lifting products suitable for all sectors and commodities. Overall, no matter what you’re lifting, carrying, charging, or discharging, we’ve got you covered! Use our product selector or contact our expert product advisors if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for.

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