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The UK Scrap Industry

Metals recycling supplies a major worldwide industry. Despite an economic slowdown and a decline in the steel industry, manufacturing of metals continues to contribute significant value to the UK economy.  Last year, 10 million tonnes of metal were recycled in the UK. As the UK produces considerably more scrap than is required for domestic markets, 90 percent was exported worldwide. In fact, the UK is one of the five largest metal scrap exporting countries in the world.  According to the British Metal Recycling Association (BMRA), 2019 figures show at least fifteen-thousand individuals are currently employed in the UK scrap industry with a turnover of over £7 billion pounds.

A new approach to Scrap Handling

Mantsinen hydraulic cranes have been purchased by scrap organisations around Europe and afar including Finland, Russia, Belgium and Germany including TATA Steel and EMR in the UK, working thousands of hours per year in the harshest of environments, day in, day out. Whether its crawler, crawler portal mobile or rail solutions Mantsinen provide a complete system from the ground up all the way to the attachments and scrap grabs.

Cooper Specialised Handling offer the Mantsinen product range and are fundamentally different by design compared to any other similar material handling products on the market, designed from the ground up to achieve a given minimum number of machine cycles – a staggering 2 million cycles.  The Mantsinen 60 meets these tough requirements providing unprecedented efficiency.  The Mantsinen 60 is compact, yet strong and smart and tailored for scrap handling.  With a maximum reach of 20,5 meters it carries all the operation proven Mantsinen qualities in a condensed package. Combining agility, intelligence and strength, the Mantsinen 60 also comes equipped with the Mantsinen Telematics Systems (MTS) as standard, and it is optimised for mid-scale material handling.

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