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Coopers upgrade accreditation to ISO 45001:2018

The Cooper Specialised Handling Ireland Group, comprising the operating arms, Cooper Specialised Handling Ltd and Cooper Specialised Handling Ireland, are reporting their ISO accreditations have been extended following the annual audit.  However, as part of this process the OHSAS18001 accreditation has been replaced and upgraded to the ISO equivalent of 18001, namely ISO 45001:2018

Cooper Specialised Handling Ireland themselves undertake regular internal auditing as part of their ISO recognition to ensure they adhere to the controls they place themselves under.  Each year, the companies subject themselves to external auditing and this joint approach maintains the standards at the same level as 2015 when the initiative was first launched. In an added bonus, Coopers have announced their Company energy consumption and environmental footprint has reduced for the third successive year under an initiative and objective set in 2015.

The upgrading from OHSAS 18001 to the internationally recognised ISO45001:2018, was a natural one in that the auditors noticed the Company were already satisfying the needs of the upgraded standard.

Speaking on behalf of Cooper’s, Luke Maslin, Operations Director commented “The port and terminal environment where Coopers circulate are already amongst the safest places to work as a consequence of the self-governance the industry places itself under. It is important these same standards which the industry apply, feed down into contractors who attend their facilities and we are pleased to play our part in this”

It is a mandatory requirement that all Cooper engineering staff have their tools and equipment independently tested and, where appropriate, re-calibrated to ensure only the highest standards of quality, environment and safety are continually met.

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