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Mantsinen’s HybriLift® technology explained

In developing HybriLift® energy-saving technology, crane manufacturer Mantsinen set new industry standards.

With its innovative range of hydraulic harbour cranes, end users can achieve significant savings on machine operating costs.

By storing and reusing the energy created by lowering the booms, HybriLift® technology significantly reduces both fuel consumption and emissions to deliver cost savings of up to 35%.

Once the main boom is lowered, oil is pumped from the cylinders to a set of pressure accumulators where the gas pressure increases and energy is accumulated. This stored energy is then redeployed to raise the booms, enabling the crane to lift more loads while using less energy.

In the Mantsinen 120 crane and smaller machines, the HybriLift® chambers are integrated with the main boom cylinders, while in larger models the main boom features a third HybriLift® cylinder connected to the pressure accumulators.

Lovisa Forwading & Stevedoring (LSR) has first-hand experience of HybriLift® and its energy saving credentials. The port operator of Valko Port in Loviisa, Finland, found that during almost 5,000 hours in use its Mantsinen 120 R HybriLift® crane delivered an average fuel consumption of 16 litres per hour. This represents an increase in energy efficiency of even more than the estimated 35%. Meanwhile, LSR’s three older generation Mantsinen cranes consume almost twice as much fuel as the 120 R.

To further enhance their energy-saving credentials, Mantsinen’s HybriLift® material handlers have smaller diesel engines or electric motors than their traditional counterparts, which not only helps to improve fuel economy and lower emissions, but also reduces servicing costs.

Mantsinen commenced initial testing for its HybriLift® development programme in 2006 before launching its first machine to feature the new technology two years later. Today, HybriLift® is a standard feature on Mantsinen’s 90, 120, 160 and 200 cranes and is available as an optional feature on the compact Mantsinen 70.

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