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Movella Translifter Solves Cargo Handling Problems in Heavy Engineering Workshops

Movella translifter solves cargo handling problems in heavy engineering workshops and is more than just a trailer

Movella NT25 Translifter picks up a 20 ton and 12 x 3 metre steel component out from the workshop and leaves it outside in just 3 minutes. All you need is an NT Movella translifter, standard forklift and one driver. Movella translifter adds space to your workshop and increases flexibility in production as it is so easy to transport components in and out when needed.

Movella offers effective, safe and reliable solutions for moving heavy cargo and goods.  Movella’s product and design knowledge of over thirty years guarantee that as our customer you will get exactly what you need.  Offering extremely high transport efficiency, low cost and long-lasting robust machines which require little maintenance, they can improve logistics with less transport equipment and are easy to operate even in tight areas.

The current range consists of forklift-attached translifters on single bogie for weights up to 50 tonnes as well as regular terminal tractor-supported translifters that can carry up to 130 tonnes. The range tops-out with I-series translifter capable of handling 220 tonnes which is ideally aimed at the extreme robust and heavy-duty steel industry.

Movella Oy, based in Tampere Finland who started developing their own products in 2016, have very quickly become a major player in the translifter and cassette trailer market.  Arguably the most experienced translifter people in the industry, Movella design effective, safe and reliable solutions for moving heavy cargo and goods.

For more information on the complete Movella range, click here

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