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RAM 2900

Ship to Shore Spreader

The RAM2900 series is a telescopic spreader for ship to shore cranes. The 2900 model is electro-hydraulically powered, suitable for customers who are looking to boost their productivity whilst ensuring a reliable performance.


About RAM 2900

The 2900 series is a telescopic twin lift ship to shore container spreader, which is electro-hydraulically operated and controlled from the crane’s cabin. The spreader can be designed to interface with new or existing crane headblocks and electrical communication systems.

In twin lift mode, the RAM ‘CentreSpread’ function allows the spreader’s centre gap to be adjusted when two 20ft containers are handled and not set at the standard centre gap distance. The centre gap can be adjusted when the spreader is either unladen or lifting two containers. Moreover, the spreader is fitted with a memory positioning system and automatic positioning system  to “memorise” the gap between the two 20ft containers.


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