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Sany H9 nominated for top industry award!

The new Sany H9 reach stacker, exclusively available through Cooper SH, has been nominated for two prestigious industry awards.

The FLTA Awards recognise the achievements and breakthroughs in the industry over the previous 12-months and will be awarded at a prestigious Awards night in Telford in March. The Sany H9 has been nominated into two award categories – Environment and Innovation.

The Sany H9 is the first time an energy recovery system has been used on a reachstacker. The energy created by a lowering-load is captured in nitrogen-charged accumulators, stored and then re-used on subsequent lifts. The lifting process is then assisted and requires less engine power thus saving fuel. However, given the H9 cylinders are now assisting in the lifting process, the main lift cylinders can command smaller diameter thus enhancing lifting-speed.

All-in-all, H9 will save up to twenty-thousand litres of fuel per year and the speed gains will account for 2 additional container movements for each hour worked – possibly in the region of an extra 5000 – 6000 container movements per year

However, the most impressive aspect of H9 is the cost recovery. With new technology, it is not uncommon the additional cost will take the equivalent of the lifetime of the machine to recover. H9 will recover its premium in its first 18-months use and thereafter, the benefit rests with the customer. Given the earliest Sany machines have now reached 50000 working hours – the overall fuel and cost saving is significant.

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