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SANY’s ergonomics put the operator in the driving seat

With a 16-tonne capacity and the capability to lift to 4000mm, SANY’s heavy duty forklift trucks are engineered in Germany and conform with exacting EU standards to satisfy the most challenging port and freight terminal applications.

From its patented mobile cab technology to the steering gear and damping suspension seat, it’s the well-being of the operator and ensuring that its machines are easy to use that is at the very heart of SANY’s design.

At all times, SANY’s aim is to help minimise fatigue, especially during, but repetitive, tasks.  The cabin is therefore purpose-designed with an open view to facilitate the driver’s natural range of movement and is contained, with the use of green noise-cancelling and sound insulating materials throughout.

The electrically adjustable cab position further enhances visibility and there’s a logical design and layout to the control panel to aid convenient operation. The central joystick offers precise control and ease of operation while the high-resolution electric monitor delivers key data, reliably informing the operator about everything from the lifting weight and luffing angle to the hoisting height, main system pressure, engine status and oil level.  It also alerts the operator to any system malfunctions.

Redundant CAN BUS technology is used throughout the control system, which incorporates an automatic parking brake with easy release system for emergencies, to ensure the truck can be operated with ease in the event of a system failure.

SANY has equipped its heavy duty forklift trucks with a Grammer seat, which can be adjusted to suit an individual operator’s requirements, and an integrated cab radio /MP3 player to reduce fatigue and promote operating efficiencies.

As well as keeping the cab well-ventilated, the warm/cold air conditioning system has anti-fogging and defrosting capabilities, ensuring that the truck is fit for work in all weathers

For advice on SANY’s heavy duty forklift trucks and the range of options which prioritise operator well-being and ease of operation, contact the Cooper Specialised Handling team on 01926 658900.

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