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Smart Port is the Key to Speeding Up the Quay

Smart Port is the Key to Speeding Up the Quay

Cooper Specialised Handling has introduced to the market a business concept ‘Cooper Smart Port’ that delivers efficiencies in speed of throughput and productivity over the quay whilst at the same time reducing cost and carbon emissions.

Speaking on behalf of Coopers, Chris Barnes commented “The introduction of high-speed hydraulic cranes, whilst delivering huge productivity, brings challenges in the need to discharge from the quay at the same rate as the crane”. Chris continues, “We see that the crane speed is being determined by the landside speed but landside, frankly, cannot keep up with speed of the crane”.

The ideology of Cooper Smart Port therefore aligns the speed of landside with that of the crane which involves some technological and some process changes. One example of technological advancement is an accurate crane mounted weigh scale that interfaces with the customer’s own CRM software and recorded via the on-board telematics system. This eliminates the bottleneck associated with weigh bridges and it can be done accumulatively using the handling equipment thus removing a process in the chain and speeding productivity by driving straight to the store.

As regards process, Chris Barnes explains “We are noticing the cranes are having to wait for landside operations to catch-up. We need an intermediate system that the crane can continue discharging even if landside transiting equipment is not present. This intermediate holding or buffer will consist of cassettes (if handling break bulk) and using 80t tipping trailers in conjunction with conveyors in the case of bulk. Translifters then shuttle the goods to the store which keeps the unloading process moving”

However, is not only speed that is the benefit here. Studies suggest there are cost benefits too and, as the process is not burning as much fuel as traditional methods, carbon output is significantly cut. According to mathematical studies carried out by Cooper SH, they believe discharge of break bulk can be completed in half the time at on-quarter of the cost with less than one-third of the carbon emissions. With bulk products, the savings across all three criteria are even greater.

As Chris Barnes points out, there is a simple rule in materials handling “Each time the product is handled it costs money and wastes time – handling needs to be minimised and with it speed of throughput will increase and costs reduce – Cooper Smart Port is simply implementing these basic principles”

To see how Cooper Smart Port can increase your efficiencies and reduce your costs and carbon footprint, give the Cooper SH team a call.

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Editor’s Notes

Operating in all sectors of heavy lifting across the UK and Ireland, Cooper Specialised Handling is the exclusive UK distributor for SveTruck, RAM Spreaders, Telestack bulk material handling conveying systems and Sany mobile handling equipment, sole UK importer and exclusive distributor for Mantsinen cranes, Movella Translifters, TEC Containers and a long-term specialist in Konecranes lift trucks.  The company, which celebrated 20 years in business in 2018, also has a dedicated after-sales division, Cooper Specialised Handling Ireland, which specialises in engineering support.

Independently owned, Cooper offers total solutions in both solids and bulk handling. Its customised solutions comprise high quality, high value products and reliable service for businesses operating in the most challenging heavy handling environments, including ports, freight handling, inter-modal terminals, manufacturing and other heavy lifting industries.