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Movella – The Strongest Partner for Cargo Transport


Movella Oy, based in Tampere Finland started developing their own products in 2016 and have very quickly become a major player in the translifter and cassette trailer market.  Movella design and manufacture effective, safe and reliable solutions for moving heavy cargo and goods.  All the products are specifically designed for use in RoRo ports, terminals, steel industry and heavy workshop environments.

An Extensive Product Range

  • The translifter NT series typically using 2 axles with load capacities from 6 to 40 tons and a length of 4 to 25m and operated usually with forklifts.
  • The translifter R series can provide 2, 4 or 6 axles solutions with load capacities of 60-140 tons and lengths of 6 to 25m. Options for tipping equipment and telescoping designs.
  • The translifter I series, again provides multiple options of 2, 4, 6 or 8 axles designs with load capacities if 120 to 240 tons and lengths of 8-25m. Options for tipping equipment and telescoping designs.
  • An extensive array of cassette designs to suit any application.
  • Unique U-Loader designs built for factory use provide an alternative to reducing load handling by having a U-Loader and Inloader flat arrangement for capacities up to 30 tons with self-powered hydraulics and remote control.
  • The SwapMover™ for swap body handling with 20- or 30-ton solutions available in handling 7150, 7450, 7820 and light/full ISO containers.


Movella’s improved design of translifter can have the following benefits:

  • High payloads possible due to its strong welded steel construction.
  • Translifters can work in combination with many types of cassettes designs and can free up drivers and other resources for better operational performance.
  • Simplified and strong hydraulic systems coupled with their strong chassis design, avoid potential operational damage for unique long lifetime utilisation.
  • Very little maintenance required compared to other solutions on the market.
  • Excellent stability and control allowing the driver to optimise their operations by controlling all movements from inside the cab.

Superb Control and Safety

The bogie designs have both lifting and steering capabilities using hydraulic cylinders with a freely rotating bogie beam, so all loads are the same on each axle. Depending on your requirements the steering can be designed to suit your application with transport style steering with two or more bogies and joystick steering from the cab, to help the driver when driving underneath the cassette and tunnel steering where the translifter is automatically guided underneath a cassette tunnel. A CAN-bus based system provides control to both lifting and steering and initiated using cabin-based joystick control.

Safety features are provided as standard within the Movella design and has protection features in speed limits, automatic lifting and fault diagnosis. Safety features can also include specific provision of braking, lights and cameras where necessary.

Tailored Design

As Movella design and manufacture their product range they can provide consultancy in tailoring specific solutions to your needs for different cargoes, for example; tipping capabilities for scrap or bulk, general stationary cassettes for slabs, sheet metal or hot castings, container cassettes, or steel wire stacking.

Control and safety packages can be offered to cover all aspects of your operations and health and safety requirements to ensure the best solution.

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