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Truck of the Month – July

The market leader SveTruck TMF32/22

To celebrate 21 years of our involvement in the UK heavy lift market, we are running “Truck of the Month” a series of 12 features spread over 12 months with 12 machines that have shaped our history, our present and that also represent our future.  As we enter the second-half of the year we look at the one product where Cooper’s supplier is the global leader on log handling equipment.

July – SveTruck32/22 (The market leader)

Being built in the forests and Lakelands of central southern Sweden, it was only natural that log handlers would be designed and built locally to serve the local and domestic market. Dedicated log handlers remain the staple choice for handling sawn logs across Sweden, Scandinavia and northern Europe. In the UK, their use is limited but this is more as a consequence of awareness than anything else. Instead, bulk handling loading shovels represent a compromise solution for this niche industry across UK and Ireland.

Log handlers use an overhead lifting boom much like container-handling reach stackers but that is where the similarities end. Whereas reachstackers are built for billiard-smooth surfaces with symmetrical and perpendicular stacking, log handlers do not enjoy the same luxuries and the ground is often uneven or made-up so the log handler has to be capable of withstanding the twists and shaking of 32 tonnes of logs where a reachstacker has 31 tonnes of container on smooth surfaces. However, unlike loading shovels which lift logs from the ground upwards, log handlers approach the stacks from above, they can lift high and reach far into the vstack beyond the capability of a shovel.

Like all SveTrucks, the TMF range is a hand-built machine manufactured in Ljungby, Sweden. Every possible component that can be manufactured is made ‘in-house’ which bucks the trend of proprietary supply from external third-parties. Again, like all SveTrucks, the machine comes with a premium price-tag but there is enough to be seen in the factory to justify this. They even machine their own cylinders – even nuts are in-built as they cannot secure the satisfactory material standard from any proprietary supply!

The TMF range consists of 5 models:-

TMF12/9         With a 2.3m2 to 5.5m2 grab capable of lifting 15 tonnes in and 9 tonnes at full outreach

TMF15/11       With a 4.8m2 to 6.8m2 grab capable of lifting 15 tonnes in and 9 tonnes at full outreach

TMF25/18       With a  6.0m2 to 7.5m2 grab capable of lifting 25 tonnes in and 18 tonnes at full outreach

TMF28/21       With a 6.0m2 to 8.2m2 grab capable of lifting 28 tonnes in and 21 tonnes at full outreach

TMF32/22       With a 8.0m2 to 9.5m2 grab capable of lifting 32 tonnes in and 22 tonnes at full outreach

All TMF series log handlers are built around the Sve Fork truck equivalent chassis which has been proven for long-life for over 40 years. Each grapple can rotate continuously through 360 degrees. The smaller machines are powered by either Scania (272kw) or Volvo (285kw) 12 litre engines and ZF transmissions. The largest TMF, the 32/22 is powered by a Cummins 15 litre power unit developing 336kw and a  CAT 3-speed transmission.

Whilst other log handlers are available, the TMF range, it is believed account for the sales of all the others put together. The TMF range is available, exclusively in the UK and Ireland, through Cooper Specialised Handling

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