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Truck of the Month – December

December – SveTruck 32120 (The Connoisseur’s’ one)

To celebrate 21 years of our involvement in the UK heavy lift market, we are running “Truck of the Month” a series of 12 features spread over 12 months with 12 machines that have shaped our history, our present and that also represent our future.  We have reached the end of our journey and, for our final machine of 12, we present perhaps the finest lift truck available in the market today, the SveTruck 32120

If lift trucks were a food, then the SveTruck 32120 is a smorgasbord of Swedish culinary delight. It would be a buffet of food that you wouldn’t know which area to choose first.

The forests and Lakelands of central southern Sweden have been long known as a global centre for lift truck production with no fewer than 6 lift truck brands manufactured from this region of 30km radius. Some companies have already succumbed to the pressure’s corporate ownership and the very ‘Swedishness’ of the product component origin comes into question. Not, however, for SveTruck – the most Swedish of them all. The SveTruck designers are the originators of the now infamous and widely used ‘Terminal West fork interchange system

The SveTruck 32120 is the lift truck connoisseurs’ forklift. For those who truly appreciate lift truck engineering, then there can be no higher pinnacle than the SveTruck 32120. This machine is coach-built, it is hand built. Starting with the chassis, the steel is the highest sourced from SSAB’s own mill in Oxellusund, Sweden and shipped in plate form to SveTruck’s facility in Ljungby. The steel is cut, formed, machined and welded on custom-made jigs to make the absolute strongest lift truck chassis.

The masts, carriages, steer axles all have the same treatment – SveTruck even make their own hydraulic cylinders ‘in-house’. Their philosophy is they will make themselves, everything in-house they can do – even nuts as the steel quality they demand cannot be found in proprietary supply.

The finished product is exactly as you would expect for a high-end, Swedish produced lift truck. Strong, so very strong, safe, customised, quiet and environmentally clean with cab appointment that only the Swedes can deliver. It is little wonder SveTruck account for 80% of their home lift truck market.

If proof were needed of the quality and desirability of these machines, they are simply not available on the used equipment market. When you buy a SveTruck 32120, you buy it for life and you can expect the longest life of all.

SveTruck 32120 – The Connoisseur’s lift truck

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