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4111 RAM Revolver STS Crane

Revolver Bulk Handling Spreader

RAM 4111 Revolver is designed to handle single 20ft or 40ft (subject to model) open top containers which are designed specifically for handling bulk materials. The RAM 4111 for ship to shore operations is a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly solution to handle bulk materials.


About 4111 RAM Revolver STS Crane

The award winning 4111 Revolver for handling bulk materials on a ship to shore crane is manufactured from high quality steel and components.  The rotating spreader’s heavy duty design design ensures an efficient and reliable performance in demanding container and bulk terminal environments.

The Revolver’s large gather guides enable a large landing platform for quick and easy landing on the container. Moreover, the the gather guides will  support the container during rotation to prevent shear load on the twistlocks.

The Revolver is equipped with floating twistlocks which allows a certain amount of both lateral and longitude movement, as opposed to fixed twistlocks which are common for jamming.

Once the container is hoisted over the hatch, the rotating spreader removes the sealed lid in a semi-automatic process, and rotates the container 360 degrees unloading the commodity. The lid is then replaced back on and the cycle continues.

The benefits to this containerised bulk handling system are endless…


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