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6100 RAM SingFlex®

Single Hoist Tandem Spreader

Twin Spreader Headblock Connection | 1 x 20ft | 40ft | 45ft | 2 x 40ft | 45ft | 4 x 20ft | Quick change-over docking station | Single ⇔ Twin spreaders in less than 2 minutes | Flexible container adjustments | Gap / skew / offset providing greater flexibility | Increase port productivity | Substantial increases in container lifts being achieved


About 6100 RAM SingFlex®

The RAM SingFlex Twin 40 Headblock is quickly becoming a global success, with more ports and terminals choosing RAM’s Twin 40 Headblock, to increase productivity and increase revenue. With a quick and fully automated switching between single to tandem without the need for support staff within 2 minutes. The Headblock also provides the crane operator with the flexibility to adjust gap, skew, longitudinal offset and height difference between containers.


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