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Fully Automatic

Container Spreaders

Features: Lifting Capacity: 20ft Models: 32 tons (*) 40ft Models: 40 tons | Container sizes: 20ft Models: 1 X 20ft 40ft Models: 1 X 40ft | Tare Weight: 20ft Models: 1,3 tons 40ft Models: 2,3 tons | Flippers: As an option | Lifting Lugs included | Safety pins included | CE Certification included | Options: 3 Retractable flippers, 3 fixed flippers, demounted version for easy transport


About Fully Automatic

Fully automatic spreader for containers. specially designed for indoor and low height environments (under roof). wide variety of crane connections (1 / 2 / 4 linking points). Available design to handle single 20′ or single 40′ containers. open / close of the twistlocks directly driven from the crane red / green / yellow led light to indicate the position of the twistlocks


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