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Safety Cage BA-323 from TEC Container

Safety Cage BA-323 from TEC CONTAINER

The use of Lashing Cages represents a huge increase in the safety of container terminal operations. Fortunately, old practices such as using ladders, using the spreader as a platform or even stevedores climbing on top of the containers jumping from one to another… etc., seem to be almost eradicated.

The BA-323CT model is the safest device in the market for un-lashing operations in vessels, as the cages are designed and produced with a strict safety factor of 10 to avoid any possible accident of the stevedores working inside.  In addition: The Cage can be used together with all type of spreaders, with no need for any modification or retrofitting.

This gondola cage model has different accessories that can be added depending on the customer’s need. For example, fixed flippers, protection bumpers and rubber support in the lower part of the gondolas to protect the structure when placing the cage on the floor.

Un-lashing duties at the Port of Valencia in a CMA-CGM Vessel. The stevedores show their daily activities using a Safety Cage BA-323 from TEC CONTAINER.

  • Telescopic 20” – 40” and, optionally 45”
  • Sturdy and stable construction designed for the rough operating conditions.
  • Anti-Slipping floor.
  • D-Rings for harnesses and lifelines.
  • Raised floor to avoid trappings.
  • 4 security hooks to connect the cage to the main Spreader.
  • No need for internal or external energy supply.
  • No need for extensions or modifications on the spreader.
  • Significantly increased occupational safety: the lasher’s work in an area which is protected all around, also against falling objects.
  • The Cage is also an ideal implement for all kinds of problems on container stacks Maintenance personnel can take tools, welding torches etc. with them in the gondola.

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