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Quick Coupler – More Load, Less Energy

Mantsinen Quick Coupler – More Load, Less Energy Video

For many intensive logistics operations, such as ports, maintaining productivity levels is key to successful, and profitable, cargo handling. What’s more, being able to switch between crane attachments swiftly and easily plays an important role in speeding up the process and helping to reduce machine downtime.

To meet this challenge, award-winning crane manufacturer Mantsinenhas developed a series of nine attachments that can cope with the most arduous of applications. Unusually among heavy lifting equipment manufacturers, Mantsinen manufactures its own attachments, and while these are purpose-designed for use with the company’s hydraulic cranes, they also fit other makes of material handler.

When operations require frequent change of tools, Mantsinen quick coupling device improves the productivity by reducing down-time of your hydraulic crane. Mantsinen have specifically developed the quick coupling device for operations that require frequent changes of attachments and this enables operators to switch between attachments in just a matter of minutes.

Available in two versions, Mantsinen MC620 for models up to Mantsinen 120 and even stronger Mantsinen MC720 for Mantsinen 160Mantsinen 200 and Mantsinen 300.  Both MC620 and MC720 are also available with electric sliprings for magnet, 24V signal or CAN bus.

The standard quick coupling device requires that hydraulic lines are manually connected however, Mantsinen also provides a fully automatic quick coupling device, which connects hydraulic lines automatically.

Designed for optimum efficiency, the 3-stage locking, and unloading procedure offers added safety with twin rotary, internally mounted motors, visible locking pins and centrally routed hydraulic pipes.  Also available with the option of additional hooks on body.

All Mantsinen attachments are also available with fixed rotator, Mantsinen R3 or R4.

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