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Quick Coupler – More Load, Less Energy

Mantsinen Quick Coupler - More Load, Less Energy Video For many intensive logistics operations, such as ports, maintaining productivity levels is key to successful, and profitable, cargo handling. What’s more,

SANY H9 Consumes 9

SANY H9 Consumes 9 Cooper Specialised Handling Ltd, the UK’s premier one-stop-shop for port equipment supply has released details of real-time fuel use of the award-winning Sany H9 reach stacker. 

Mantsinen 200R Hydraulic Crane- Unloading Steel Coils

Mantsinen 200 offers significant economical and ecological improvements thanks to the HybriLift® energy saving system. The speed and precision of Mantsinen 200 takes productivity to the next level. Mantsinen 200 gives you more versatility than

Create My Mantsinen Winners Announced

Exciting Announcement - Over the course of the summer holidays, Cooper Specialised Handling Ireland, in partnership with Mantsinen Group were pleased to announce the launch of “Create My Mantsinen” summer competition to keep

Safety Cage BA-323 from TEC Container

Safety Cage BA-323 from TEC CONTAINER The use of Lashing Cages represents a huge increase in the safety of container terminal operations. Fortunately, old practices such as using ladders, using