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Safe, simple and easy handling of in-loader flats in concrete element factories. Eliminates cranes in the warehousing area and reduces handling of wall elements even by 70%. It is compatible to standard in-loader flats and can be operated by a terminal tractor or big forklift truck.


About Uloader

Concrete element industry

Movella offers versatile transport solutions for the concrete element industry. Translifters, U-loaders and load platforms improve efficiency.


With Movella transport solutions you benefit from

  • Safe and easy handling of slabs, walls and beams
  • Even 70% less handling and lifting of the elements
  • No cranes needed outside in the warehousing area
  • Flexible warehousing anywhere, even in 1 km distance from the factory area
  • Road truck operators load their trucks independently. Less traffic in the peak hours


Movella products for concrete element industry: translifters, trestles, cassettes, U-loader, inloader flats.


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